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exaSound e22 DAC

High-End digital/analog Wandler

Musikwiedergabe auf höchstem Niveau
Einer der besten Digital/Analogwandler überhaupt…

UVP: 3.999€


Converter Core: ESS Technologies 9018S Classic SABRE32 reference monolythic 8 channel DAC configured for stereo

USB Input: Proprietary ZeroJitter™ asynchronous USB interface with error correction on classic B–Type connector, USB cable included

Host Support: Custom, high performance Mac OS & Windows ASIO drivers; MAC Core Audio drivers with DoP256 support

Player Application Support: Automatic sampling rate switching, software upsampling up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD4

Clock: FemtoMaster™ super–low jitter 0.082ps (82fs) master clock with jitter minimization utilizing 3 three precision oscillators

Power Conditioning: 11 linear power filtering stages

Host Noise Rejection: Galvanic isolation between the USB subsystem and the DAC circuitry eliminates ground loop noise and blocks computer–generated interference

Headphone Output: Third generation headphone amplifier, 4W into 16Ω doubles the current output to drive low impedance and low sensitivity headphones

Digital Inputs: Two S/PDIF inputs provide jitter reduction and superb D/A conversion when used with CD transports

Analog Outputs: Simultaneously driven, gold–plated balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA line outputs

Power Management: 12V Trigger output

Remote Control: Included 7 button remote, the e22 can be easily programmed to work with most IR remotes

Sample Rates

ENclusiv™ comprehensive sample rate support

DSD: 2.8224 or 3.072 MHz

DSD2: 5.6448 or 6.144 MHz

DSD4: 11.2896 or 12.288 MHz

LPCM/DXD: 44.1kHz to 384kHz at 32 bits maximum sampling rate

Native support for 88.2, 176.4 & (DXD) 352.8kHz master files


Über exaSound

Founded in 2010 and based in Toronto, Canada, exaSound designs and manufactures high-end DACs, networked music players and servers. Company's mission is to empower audiophiles to enjoy studio master files the way they were recorded—at their original format, sampling rate, resolution and number of channels. exaSound has developed proprietary asynchronous USB protocol, ASIO drivers and FPGA firmware to achieve 32bit, low-jitter, bit-perfect signal path. exaSound introduced to the audiophile market the first 8-channel DXD DAC and the first DSD256 DAC. The brand now has a global recognition and exaSound products have won major awards by leading high-end audio publications.